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Tip Clips Have Evolved.


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• Hoss Hooks by Prowder offer more functionality and safety features than any other Tip Clip on the market!

• Hoss Hooks are created with superior materials, user friendly ergonomics, improved functions with a sleek lightweight design. They are priced 18% under Voile and Karakoram plastic tip clips.

• Hoss Hooks are constructed from hardened stainless steel providing superior tip connection strength with improved ergonomics for easy operation. No more having to force your faulty plastic tip clips on your splitboard!

• Hoss hooks have two locking systems. In both touring and ride mode Hoss Hooks lock preventing rotational movement and lock tight during board chatter.

• Hoss Hooks eliminate bending and flexing between board sections. This gives the splitboard a firm natural feel and added rider control.

• This system has upgraded stainless steel socket screws that are easy to install on a new, used or custom splitboard. A standard 3MM hex key will tighten the system. Socket screws can get tighter than a Philips giving you a tighter and more secure connection.

Hoss Hooks don’t use faulty rivets that bend with compound stresses and no options of adjustment. Rivets are hard to install with no room for error.

S+W Verdict:

“Real alternative to standard tip clips, they look the biz! Worth noting though, these need additional drilling!”


Weight.2 kg
Dimensions10 × 5 × 1 cm


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