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Prepare yourself for the most addictive carving experience of your life. Pilot the Amplid Pentaquark for a handful of runs and you’ll experience ear-to-ear grins and brain-melting speeds. We urge caution; strong withdrawal symptoms and crushing dissatisfaction with your current snowboard set-up are inevitable.


Its geeky, hi-tech construction, energy-loaded camber and long, blade-like effective edge turn the Pentaquark into a corduroy slicing Katana. Amplid’s Antiphase damping technology, placed in front of the inserts, sucks-up bumps and tones-down tip chatter. HEXO2 boosts the Pentaquark’s responsiveness by removing swing weight from the tips; edge-to-edge transitions on the Pentaquark are faster than the atoms firing around CERN.


Rounding off this carve-seeking missile is Amplid’s race-grade Sintered 7HD base, for supreme acceleration and glide.


The Pentaquark

Positives: Ultra-carver, grips hard pack, fast acceleration

Negatives: Very stiff, not for freestyles, for big radius carves only

Pentaquark is the new carving toy created by Peter Bauer, the boss and shaper at Amplid, to meet the expectations of the carving renaissance in Europe. Its grip is incredible in large turns, and it’s equipped with the Antiphase system (carbon bands carefully positioned on the core) which enables it to handle vibrations. It doesn’t have lots of different turn shapes, the best option with the Pentaquark it is to load big carves and enjoy the experience of incredible speed, whilst retaining the ability to slip and control speed. Even though it’s far from being its specialty, the Pentaquark works in powder. It’s not a freestyle board, but you can still send good ollies, if you have the necessary leg power. It’s therefore, in all respects, the modern carving board, with plenty of stimulus from carves and which also has the advantage of working very well in switch, while keeping all its qualities; including the aggressiveness to win the Baker Banked Slalom switch! 360 carves on-piste are even possible for proficient riders. It’s really a board for powerful “Dad-carvers” seeking the sensation of grip which was lost for many years.

-Snowsurf Review

One size, 158 only, 260 waist.

S+W Verdict:

“Carving is back with a bang……if you are going to do it, do it right. Buy one of these!

I did!”


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Dimensions160 × 33 × 11 cm


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